At approximately 1800hrs GMT, API1 and API2 (the legacy APIs) will be brought off-line. As we have been very vocal about this occurring, there should be minimal impact to people that are using the API. In the vast majority of cases, there should be no impact if you are running the latest versions of whatever server manager you happen to be running.
We have worked directly with many of the more popular panels (including McMyAdmin, Multicraft, SpaceBukkit, etc.) to make sure that they had a version running on the current API before we shut down the old ones. If anyone is experiencing issues with their panel, please communicate with your panel/hosting vendor.

Also, as a result of this, we will be switching over to our new GeoDNS system for the servers and adding the Paris server back into the mix. This means that Eurasian clients will talk to the Paris server, and American clients will communicate to the Dallas one. This change is a DNS change and is expected to take about 24-48hrs to propagate to all of the DNS servers.