After almost 6 years of operation, it is with a sad heart that I wish to inform the Minecraft community that BukGet will be shutting down. With the most recent BukkitDev changes, we would have weeks of work between retrofitting the existing data for the new BukkitDev URL formats and also reverse-engineering the UI changes that BukkitDev has undergone in order for the API to continue to work. As there are only two of us doing any active work to the project, we are both swamped with other things and our day jobs to perform the needed actions.

It’s been a wild ride everyone, and with some folks taking up the reigns for Spigot with SpiGet I feel I can walk away at least knowing that someone is picking up where we have left off.

We’ve learned a lot with BukGet over the years. With 4 major code revisions to keep up with the demand, we’ve learned how to build a stable, geographically dispersed web service with nothing more than what really felt like spit and twine. As the heydays of 1.2+ million hits a day are long past us, We learned a lot on how to cope with that peak demand, even when it meant completely rewriting the application server in Node.JS and migrating the database from SQL to Mongo. We also did all of this while keeping the entire code-base open-source and doing it without charging the community for this public service.

We hope the community looks at the last 5 years of BukGet’s operation and remembers us in a positive light, but like all good things, this one must come to an end.